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When I started picture framing 20 years ago I used to cut my frames on the kitchen table with a mitre saw, I was quite happy with the finished product but since then I have invested in a lot of specialist framing equipment which ensures a high quality finished product. Below is a quick overview of the framing process.

gunnar2Computerised Mat Cutter

Cutting the mount - this is a GUNNAR CMC  machine, fully computerized and can cut any shape you like, it beats cutting mounts by hand!


Cutting the frame -  the MORSO guillotine shown left cuts the length of moulding to give a precise mitred corner of the frame which means no unsightly gaps when joined.


Joining the frame -  the underpinner shown left joins the 4 lengths of moulding together to make the frame. It uses compressed air to clamp 2 sides of moulding together and then fires a v-shaped wedge into the underside of the mitre, glue is used in addition to ensure a tight fit at the corners.

excalibur5000Glass Cutter

Cutting the glass -  this machine cuts glass, mountboard and backing board, accurately and safely. In addition to Ordinary glass I stock Conservation Glass which offers 97% protection against UV light, Non-Reflective Glass which is ideal for fames that hang in direct sunlight and would suffer from glare. I can also supply Miroguard Water White Glass, which is a high quality glass offering UV protection and is practically "invisible".


'Dry mounting' of prints -  this is the Hotpress machine, this is great for sticking down posters, photos, prints (not Limited Editions) and by using heat and a vacuum  it heats up adhesive tissue underneath the print and sucks all the air out, sticking the print to the back board, giving you a lovely flat print, without any rippling.