Over the years I have framed all manner of items including textiles, sports memorabilia, football shirts, cigarette cards, stamps, jigsaws and even religious artifacts!

As a Guild Commended Framer I can advise you on the appropriate level of framing for your artwork - and will know how to make even a modestly priced print look its best.

gaynes hall4Watercolour Framing

To protect your watercolours I only use conservation techniques and materials to ensure there will be no damage to your work over time. Poor hinging of Limited Editions is not uncommon.

If you have work of particular value, monetry or personal, it's essential that it is framed to "Conservation Level" as defined by the Fine Art Guild.

gardensamplerv3Cross stitch Framing

If you have spent a couple of months working on your precious cross stitch you will probably want to get it framed but won't want it spoilt by a second rate frame. I can do both lacing and pinning of the fabric, ensuring that the design is centred correctly within the mount/frame.

final roy sarahv3Photo Framing

Family photos, wedding photos look even better in a good frame, larger photos can be "dry mounted" which means there'll be no rippling effects, just a perfectly flat photo.

final marathonv3Memorabilia Framing

Whether sporting memorabilia or family momentoes you have found in the attic, a good display of photos and nick-nacks can be a great present for a loved one and a good talking point for your friends.

final jigsawv3Jigsaw Framing

Some of you may be keen on doing jigsaws, my Mum is, for particularly nice ones I can "dry mount" your jigsaw to a backboard and then frame it, this is the only way to properly fix jigsaws in place. If you have ever tried to fit a jigsaw into a frame by pressing it against the glass you know that it often ends in disaster.

final brookingv3Football Shirt Framing

Over the years I have framed numerous football shirts and rugby shirts, I can frame it in a style of your choice, either pinned to a foamcore 'body' or in a more compact style if you don't want it to look too big. Click here for Football Shirt prices.

new barcelona5Poster Framing

If stuck down properly, a cheap poster can look great in a modern frame, the safest way to get a totally flat look without any 'rippling' effects is to get it "dry mounted". Using a Hotpress machine, the print is layed on top of a sheet of adhesive paper and onto a backing board. Under pressure, all the air is sucked out between the print / board and it is heated up until the adhesive sticks the print to the board.

oak tree4Float Mount Framing

The "Float Mount" is a method of mounting the print onto a spacer and then attaching that onto a simple coloured mountboard. It's quite effective and gives the print the impression that it is floating in air.

pugwash v3Limited Edition Framing

If you have bought a Limited Edition print i.e. it is a one of a limited print run then chances are it will be of some financial value and hopefully more financial value in the future. For this reason I only use conservation materials and techniques to ensure there is no chance of the print deteriorating over time. Some framers, unbeknown to you may take short cuts with the liberal use of brown adhesive tape : (

canvas1Canvas stretching/Framing

If you have a canvas you have bought on holiday and need it stretched then I can transform it into a great looking 'stand alone' canvas or with a sympathetic frame around it to really set it off.